Over the past year, I have been trying to think of a way to put my creativity and thoughts out into the world… Specifically via the World Wide Web...

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what you don’t see.

I am unsure of where I am going or what I plan on doing for the rest of my life. College seems to be an endless road with no end in site. I want the job of my dreams already. I am tired of working what feels to be a dead end desk job. "Victoria... Continue Reading →

leave it in the past.

Some days I have a hard time reminding myself to leave the past in the past. There comes nights like tonight where all of the trials and errors of my past come up to haunt me. They like to remind me of my wrong doings and all of the mistakes I have made. They also... Continue Reading →

it’s the little things.

I am sure you have heard this phrase before, and I am sure when you heard/read it you didn't think twice of it. Maybe it was while you were scrolling through social media and you happened to scroll past some post with a cute little picture and the words "IT'S THE LITTLE THINGS" imposed a... Continue Reading →

traveling with you.

One of my boyfriend and I's favorite things to do is travel. We both have a hunger for knowledge and a love for exploring new things. So far, we stay mostly in our home state of Arizona, but I hope to one day travel the world with him. Titan Missile Museum | Green Valley, AZ... Continue Reading →

odd one out.

From 7th grade until a short time after I graduated high school, I feel like my life was a blur of high school drama, stupid mistakes, family issues, and struggles. I feel that I was hopeless, irresponsible, naïve, inconsiderate, incompetent and unintelligent, over emotional, and dramatic. I feel like I ruined my social life and lost... Continue Reading →

enjoying your own company.

One of the things I have always found quite odd is the negative stigma that goes with doing things or being by yourself. Since elementary school, I have always had a niche for doing things on my own. That may be in part because of my social anxiety, but I really do enjoy, and I... Continue Reading →

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